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StarVolt Power Inc.


StarVolt Power Inc. is an electric vehicle distributor revolutionizing urban transportation. StarVolt provides consumers with a wide range of compact, low-speed vehicles at affordable pricing that are quality-built for efficiency and zero emissions. 


From scooters to sleek compact four-door SUVs, all our products are independent of fossil fuels, making them more climate-friendly than traditional automobiles. Electric vehicles are one of the most promising technologies for decreasing emissions in global transportation.


StarVolt's mission is to advance the way consumers and businesses look at transportation -- we are paving the way to a sustainable future with fair, economical pricing. 


Our team is here to provide vehicles that can perform at the same levels as low-speed gas alternatives with added benefits including, reducing our C02 footprint, saving on fuel costs, convenient charging and creating a low-carbon future. 

At a fast pace, electric vehicles are growing in popularity worldwide. To foster this growing trend, StarVolt wants to provide opportunities for places and businesses to operate our exclusive line of compact EVs. (For more information, see become a dealer here).


All StarVolt vehicles are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility after extensive R&D and product testing. Establishing a strong connection with China's leading manufacturer has propelled our growth into the emerging sector of electric vehicles. Unlike competitors, our team works diligently to innovate and deliver the highest quality vehicles and services. 

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Meet the 



Steven Stathopoulos

Chief Operations Officer

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Alicia Stathopoulos

Manager, Global Communications


Louis Brasil 

Manager, Logistics 

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Peter Stathopoulos


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Peter Polimeneas

Manager, Marketing 


Luis Vidal


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